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Please note: RPS House is closed for our exhibition install. We will be open again from 10am on Friday 9th August 2024.

Dew Drops On The Grass By Paul Johnson LRPS
CREDIT: Paul Johnson LRPS

Print Exhibition

RPS Digital Imaging

The 2023 Print Exhibition

Images for the exhibition were chosen by a panel of independent selectors:

  • Rosemary Wilman Hon. FRPS,
  • Daan Oliver FRPS,
  • and Tim Morland ARPS.

and the results were announced and selected images reviewed with comments by selectors at the Digital Imaging AGM on 26 February 2023. 

2023 Winner of the Gold Medal and Chairman's Cup

Perfect Curves by Derwood Pamphilon ARPS


2023 Ribbon Winners

  • Ribbon awarded by Rosemary Wilman Hon. FRPS, Poppies, by Prof. Brian Cooke ARPS
  • Ribbon awarded by Rosemary Wilman Hon. FRPS, The Puppet King, by Marilyn Taylor FRPS
  • Ribbon awarded by Daan Oliver FRPS, Tall Dark Stranger, by Trevor Rudkin LRPS
  • Ribbon awarded by Daan Oliver FRPS, Making an Entrance, by Hilary Bailey LRPS
  • Ribbon awarded by Tim Morland ARPS, Balconies, by Margaret Ford ARPS
  • Ribbon awarded by Tim Morland ARPS, American Graffiti - Yellow Cab, by Alan Collins ARPS

You can see all these images in the 2023 Hall of Fame, together with all the other selected images (links to our submission website). If you entered the competition and want to review all your entries or see which were selected, log in as originally and all your accepted images will be marked accordingly.

You can also view a YouTube slideshow of all selected images, with Ribbon and Gold Medal winners and selectors' comments, recorded at the AGM on 26th February 2023.

Previous Winners

  • 2022: Ray Hems ARPS
  • 2021: Helen Jones ARPS
  • 2020: Hugh Rooney ARPS
  • 2019: Sue Dixon LRPS
  • 2018: Margaret Ford LRPS
  • 2017: David Thomas ARPS
  • 2016: Roger Hinton LRPS
  • 2015: David Thomas ARPS
  • 2014: Valentina Koulagina ARPS
  • 2013: Brian Beaney FRPS
  • 2012: Bill Wisden HonFRPS
  • 2011: Christine Langford LRPS
  • 2010: Brian Beaney FRPS
  • 2009: Brian Beaney FRPS
  • 2008: Geoff Lea LRPS
  • 2007: Stanley Newton ARPS
  • 2006: Brian Beaney FRPS
  • 2005: Eric Bower ARPS
  • 2004: Clive R Haynes FRPS
  • 2003: John Colmer ARPS
  • 2002: Eric Bower ARPS
  • 2001: D Coombes ARPS