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Image 4A25140 Edit 05 Final Panel Final 2022 (C) Mark Reeves

From Seed to Bloom

RPS Digital Imaging
Spring Flowers By Melanie Chalk Copy 2
A Video
Detailing the exciting project and a chance to meet the Presenters
Spring Flowers By Melanie Chalk Copy 2
CREDIT: Celia Henderson LRPS
Introducing the Project

In 2024 DI are expanding the Programme of Talks and Workshops on the subject of Plant, Flower and Garden Photography. The RPS Digital Imaging group's collaboration with the RHS continues, but we are taking a slightly different path and this new project is entitled 'From Seed to Bloom'.

Introducing our new project encompassing, Plants, Flowers and Garden Photography

Learn new processing techniques

Be inspired on ways to present your work

Sow the seed and watch it flourish

Talks, Walks, Workshops and Support

 Springtime to Autumn 2024 and Beyond





Impressionism 800 X 450
CREDIT: Charles Needle
AUGUST Westdean Roses DSC7659 Copy
CREDIT: Celia Henderson LRPS
A Series of Workshops

Celia Henderson LRPS writes about her vision of this new series of workshops, part of the Seed to Bloom program which will select a seasonal flower each month.

The Art of Flower Photography is all about seeing the scene, taking the photo and making the art. We’ll start at the end of the process by visualising the finished masterpiece, consider your intended output (print medium, digital).  That directs us to the take stage, what equipment, lens, camera settings, backgrounds, compositions, lighting, do we need.  And before you even click the shutter button, reflect on the features and magic that can be applied from the post processing software.    

Whether you are seeking to create a sharp botanical study, a still life, a competition entry or a dreamy watercolour painting, let me guide you through the “See-Take-Make” workflow.  With each workshop putting seasonal flowers in the limelight, we will put our vision plan to the test and consider how to best capture the shot(s) and which tools will be required to complete the post processing workflow, so you are fully prepared and motivated to capture the tulips of spring, the sweet peas of summer, the glorious dahlias and rudbeckia of autumn and the resilient snowdrops in winter.

The Art of Photography Timetable PDF

2308 2523 Copy
CREDIT: Polina Plotnikova FRPS
July Onwards

Spring Summer and Autumn: Nurture & Fertilise the Ideas

The Blooming

  • Share and Present your project, online and on Virtual Gallery and Publications
  • RHS Collaboration Advisory Sessions:- October/ November  ( Still in the Planning )
  • 1.  What makes a successful RHS Portfolio Panel 
  • 2. Evaluation of Proposed Panel entries by RHS Judges  

Reaping the Harvest and Beyond

  • Prepare a Portfolio entry for the RHS Competition
  • Use this project to make a book or Zine
  • Consider all the new skills you have learnt
  • See-Make-Take No11 in the series of workshops with Celia Henderson The Abstract processing of flowers Feb 25/27 2025
  • See-Make-Take No 12 in the series of workshops with Celia Henderson The Crocus and Spring flowers March 29 2025
Rotate & Zoom 820 X 410
CREDIT: Charles Needle
About Charles Needle

In 2023 Charles Needle gave DI a talk entitled 'Creative Smartphone Photography'. We have now invited him back, first with a presentation on Creative Flower and Garden Photography, followed by a Hands on workshop at RHS Garden Wisley in early June for 16 people. He will then carry out an Image appraisal in July and deliver 4 workshops diving deeper into various Phone apps, more details HERE

Charles Needle is an award-winning, Colorado-based fine art photographer, author, speaker and workshop leader with a unique eye for design and artistic interpretation. His popular “Art of Nature” creative macro workshops have attracted students nationwide. He has been a finalist in the International Garden Photographer of the Year and has received many other accolades. A popular conference and camera club speaker for more than two decades, Charles has authored three cutting-edge instructional books and is photography juror and teacher with international workshops in Monet's Garden (Giverny, France).

To learn more about Charles' work, including his workshop and private lesson offerings, visit

B C 006 0621V1 Copy
CREDIT: Polina Plotnikova FRPS

More presentations will follow.  In June Polina Plotnikova will delight us with her beautiful flower images captured using her Lensbaby and other special effect lenses. She will talk of choosing the right lens for a particular shot and tips about particularly good locations for the seasons.One not to be missed especially if you have a 'Baby' of your own!

Cherry Larcombe ARPS, a Digital Imaging member, has been invited to talk to us later in the year. Cherry loves being able to be in control of the whole process, composing the shot, taking the shot, post processing the shot and finally printing it.  It’s her attempt at being creative and artistic which gives her much enjoyment and fulfilment. She will share this creativity and her knowledge with us in a presentation about still Life with flowers and another on one of her favourite ways to present her images, Triptychs. Day and dates to be confirmed. 

The Autumn months will bring more opportunities for an appraisal of your images, perhaps by invited experts or our peers.  We will also welcome back the RHS judges, as we repeat the very popular advisory sessions for those with perspective RHS portfolio panels ready for appraisal for the 2025 Competition.