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Overview of London Region

Welcome to London Region, one of the RPS's most active Regions with over 1,100 Members and more than 100 events and activities each year

For a list of events organised by London Region click here

Since April 2020, we have been running our four regular monthly meeting via video conference - Zoom.  With the easing of Covid-19 restrictions we are investigating returning these meetings to "in-person" or hybrid - in-person and Zoom.  Go to our events page for details:

Our photo-walks programme is now back to normal with max 16 people per walk compliant with Covid-19 restrictions.  We restrict number to about 16 to give each photographer space to take pictures without including a walk participant!  Look out for dates and details! (details here)

Overview.  The London Region of the RPS aims to provide opportunities for photographers of all levels to learn and develop their skills in positive, supportive and enjoyable environments, whether in workshops, as group events, on group walks or by taking part in projects.

London Micro-Groups.  We currently have five micro-groups which meet monthly:-


  • London, Street (photowalks - 2nd Saturdays)link here
  • London, Bookworm Club (book discussion - 3rd Wednesdays)link here NOW BY VIDEO
  • London, Naturally (photowalks - 4th Sundays)link here
  • London, Urban (themed photography)link here
  • London, Midweek Explorers (photowalks) link here
  • London, Landscape (photowalks / field trips / Zoom meetings)
  • London, Wildlife & Nature (photowalks / field trips / Zoom meetings)

Each group is led by a Volunteer with a particular interest in the area.

All the groups are open to Members and Non-members, but, by their nature, numbers attending any one event are limited so booking is essential.  Follow the links above for details of events and for booking your place.

London Local Meetup Groups.  We currently have three local groups which meet monthly:-  ALL THREE ARE NOW BY VIDEO - booking essential

  • South East London, meeting 4th Tuesdays at London Bridge – link here
  • South West London, meeting 2nd Tuesdays at Putney – link here
  • North London, meeting 2nd Mondays at Highbury and Islington – link here

None of these local groups is aimed specifically at people living in SE, SW or N London: the locations are chosen because they have good public transport links.

They are open to anyone (Members and Non-members) in London and nearby areas.  Click on the links above for further information and locations and dates for meetings.  Come along to the one which has easiest traveling for you to discuss 'all things photographic' and show some of your pictures.

Meetings are open to all and you must book to get the videolink details emailed to you - so come along!

Distinctions Support.  We have our own Distinctions Support Team.  Working closely with Bristol HQ we run a number of Advisory Days for both Licentiate and Associate levels each year, usually at least one per quarter. Again, details can be found on the London Events page here.

From time to time, we organise a session or sessions for those wanting to do their Licentiateship or Association but are not sure where to start.  Details of these are posted on the website too or enquiries can be made by e-mail to:

London Region Members Exhibition.  We held our second London Region Members Exhibition in Lauderdale House, Waterlow Park, Highate in February 2019 and our third  Exhibition was also held there in February 2020.  Here's the link.  The Exhibition opened on 5th February and ran from 6th February to 2nd March:  65 pictures from 58 photographers showing various styles and genres were on display at this highly successful show.

Keynote Talks  In 2017 the Region offered Keynote talks from Guardian Sports Reporter, Tom Jenkins and Fine Art and Advertising Photographer, Peter Dazeley FRPS.   At our January 2018 AGM, Chris Steele-Perkins FRPS presented some of his pictures and gave us hints and tips about photographing festivals and events.  On 15th January 2019  Steve Smith FRPS gave the Keynote Talk following our AGM and in January 2020, Photo Journalist Rick Findler talked about his recent reporting from Hong Kong. 

Continuing our desire to bring variety to these meetings, Fine Art Photographer, Vanda Ralevska, is booked for our January 2021 AGM.  Vanda says:  "I am passionate about capturing the world we live in, always searching for those fleeting moments of magic that transform it into something extraordinary".  Put the 18th January 2021 in your diaries for this not-to-miss event!  (Bookings will open in September).

London Major Projects.  The London Region has been unique in running a major project, usually each year. Our 2016/17 project "Breathing London" was completed in terms of photography in April 2017 with an Exhibition in July that year.  Here is the website.  Our 2018 project "Celebrating London" closed for photography on 1st January 2019: an Exhibition was held at the Hanbury Hall Cafe Gallery in June here and we held a Special Summer Event on 10th August when pictures from our new Street Exhibition and panels from the Celebrating London Exhibition were displayed. The Celebrating London website can be viewed here.

In September we held a short "one month" project to document the 2019 Thames and The Totally Thames Festival.  An outdoor Exhibition of a small number of the photographs submitted is on display on Putney Wharf until the end of April - link here.  All being well, there will be a further Exhibition of Totally Thames pictures in the Putney Library in September 2020, as part of the 2020 Totally Thames Festival, and we hope to be able to repeat the Outdoor Exhibition on Putney Wharf in September also.  Other projects are at the planning stage!

London Region Workshops.  From time to time we offer 'special' Workshops.  We ran a series of three with Zoe Wishaw in 2017 and you can read about Zoe here.  We ran a successful workshop in July 2019 relating to Colour printing and are always happy to put on special workshops as requested.  Bristol HQ are also now offering Workshops in the Region too.  These are available to book through HQ. Special Interest Groups too hold workshops in and around the Region and you can read about these and the Special Interest Groups activities by following this link.  

London Region's Community Support Activities   As part of the RPS's Community activities (here), we extend a helping hand to Cafe Art, an organisation which, through art and photography, helps people who are, or have been, affected by homelessness. We participate in two Cafe Art programmes, one is their Annual Calendar 'competition' and the other is a mentoring programme.  More information about Cafe Art can be found here.

We also support a small independent charity called KICK-IT-OUT, by providing volunteer photographers at their events.

For more information about our Community/Charitable work, please e-mail LondonCommunity@rps.or one of the Regional Organiser: or

Getting involved - Volunteering.  The RPS is run by a small staff at Bristol HQ and by a huge number of volunteers - and London is no exception. The London Region Volunteer Team is built on a self-selecting basis, with people volunteering to run a programme which is of particular interest to them, for example the London Street Group, or have special skills which they bring to bear, such as Exhibition Design, or they offer to help out at our bigger events or Distinctions Days, for example.   If you would like to help out by running a micro-group or just for an hour or two now and then, please contact the Regional Organisers: or

Keeping in Touch.  We keep in touch with our members through our events, through e-mails, our Facebook pages, our Flickr sties, Instagram and Twitter.

At the end of each month we send out, by e-mail, an update called Capital Letter, which reminds members of key events happening during the next two months.  This is our most important regular communication and we invite you all to sign up.

To join our Regional Mailing List, click here

Here's the link to the most-used social media platforms

Here's the link to the list of volunteers in each area, with e-mail addresses.


Our photo-walks programme is now back to normal with max. 16 people per walk compliant with Covid-19 restrictions.  Look out for dates and details! Click here

The RPS London Region Members Print Exhibition 2020-21 is now up at Putney riverside. Link here   The exhibition has been extended to at least the end of August and possibly mid-September.

All four of our regular monthly meetings are being held on the usual dates via video conference Zoom; with the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, we have moved SW London to a hybrid meetings (in-pertson and online) and we are planning on N London to be hybrid from October. click here for details of all our events.

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