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List of Events Organised by London Region

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Below is a summary of London Region organised events in date order

This is a quick link to see our planned events over the next few months

We now run our North London (2nd Monday) and Bookworms (4th Wednesday) as a hybrid meeting (in-person and online); SE London (1st Monday) and SW London (2nd Tuesday) are now in-person only.  We have introduced an online only London Zoom (1st Wednesday or 1st Thursday alternating) for those who cannot easily reach the three regular locations.

All four of our "local meetings" (N, SE, SW & Zoom) have a similar agenda: (1) a member of the group as the Keynote Speaker for 30+ minutes;  (2) Image Sharing - five images from 12 - 15 participants; (3) Discussion of events in the Region over the next two months: and (4) Discussion of future activities for the group.

Our photo-walks programme (Street (2nd Saturday) and Midweek Explorers (3rd week)) is operating as normal with a maximum of 16 participants plus leaders on each.  We have two micro-groups which arrange field trips month months:- Landscape; and Wildlife & Nature. 

See the dates and details in the monthly lists below.


To see the events being organised by our neighbouring Regions, click on the relevant link:-  South East  |  Southern  |  Thames Valley  |  East Anglia

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Events organised by London Region September 2023 summary

4th September (Monday) SE London  Tonight Philip Brown will be giving a presentation on his Thames Walk in Infrared link

7th September (Thursday). London-wide ZOOM: Simon Maddison will be presenting a selection of images from his exhibition 'Visages et Paysages' (Faces and Places) held in the Pyrenees Oriental this year.  Followed by Picture Sharing. link

14th September (Thursday) ADVISORY STUDY GROUP ARPS. ONLINE. link 

9th September (Saturday). STREET WALK with Jen Pedler *SPECIAL* - Wren Churches and the City of London. link

11th September (Monday). North London at the Canonbury, Islington. HYBRID. Keynote presenter followed by Picture Sharing. link

12th September (Tuesday). SW London at the Prince of Wales Putney. IN PERSON. Tonight David Mooney will be introducing us to his new technology, which we may be able to try out, and this will be followed by picture sharing. link

19th September (Tuesday).  LANDSCAPE GROUP Photowalk. Bethnal Green to Islington.  link.

20th September (Wednesday). MIDWEEK EXPLORERS photowalk. This month's meetup will centre around the Thames Festival link 

27th September (Wednesday). BOOKWORMS. Thgis month's meeting will be about Man Ray, with particular reference to his influence on fashion. link

London Naturally and London Landscape Micro-Groups: dates to be confirmed




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Events organised by London Region October 2023 summary


This is going to be a very busy month for the Region with our big Projects Exhibition at the Espacio Gallery from 11th to 15th October inclusive.

2nd October (Monday).  SE LONDON regular meeting at the Daylight Inn, Pett’s Wood.  A keynote presentation (30-40 minutes) followed by picture sharing. link

4th October (Wednesday)  London-wide ZOOM: Helen Shaw and Pat Simmons will be introducing their wildlife photography.  Why not bring your wildlife pictures along to the picture sharing session which follows. Link

11th October (Wednesday) until 15th October (Sunday).  LONDON REGION MEMBERS PROJECTS EXHIBITION.  With work on display relating to the Independent Traders Exhibition, the Coronation Project and the Magnificent 7 + 1 (Cemeteries) Project.  Link.

12th October (Thursday).  ADVISORY STUDY GROUP LRPS.  ONLINE. link

14th October (Saturday).  STREET WALK from Tottenham Court Road to Farringdon. Leader Judy Hicks. Points of interest: Soho Square, Phoenix Garden, Covent Garden, Lincoln’s Inn Fields/Inns of Court Temple Church. Distance 3.5 miles. link


16th October (Monday).  NORTH LONDON Group meeting at the Canonbury Tavern, Islington. HYBRID.  A keynote presentation (30-40 minutes) followed by picture sharing. Linkto see

16th October (Monday). MIDWEEK EXPLORERS PHOTOWALK.  Details to be confirmed. link

17th October (Tuesday). SW LONDON at the Prince of Wales Putney. IN PERSON. A keynote presentation (30-40 minutes) followed by picture sharing link

25th October (Wednesday). BOOKWORMS regular monthly meeting. This month IN PERSON ONLY at the Canbury Tavern. link


The selection for the RPS London Region Members Print Exhibition 2022-23 is now complete and the Exhibition will be in The Espacio Gallery in April 2023.

All of our regular monthly meetings are being held on the usual dates; N London and Bookworms are hybrid meetings (in-person and online); SW London and SE London are now in-person only.  We have introduced a London Zoom (online only) for those who cannot easily reach the three regular locations. click here for details of all our events.

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