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List of Events Organised by London Region

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Below is a summary of London Region organised events in date order

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been able to continue our three regular monthly meetings and the Bookworms Group Online.  In addition, we have held Distinctions Advisories On line, our monthly Distinctions Study Group and other one-off events and activities.

While our photo-walks programme (Street, London Naturally & Midweek Explorers) had to be suspended for a number of months, we are pleased to be able to re-introduce walks with effect  from 1st August and on a trial basis:  these walks will conform in all respects to Government Guidelines, with groups of just six participants - details on the August Events Page below. 


If at any point you have problems booking a place for any of our events or activities, or have any questions about our programme, please e-mail us: or

To read about events for one of our regular groups, please click on the following links. 

Note: due to a quirk in the website, these events do not appears in date order, so you may need to scan through them to find the date/event you want!

Advisory Days / Distinctions  |  SW London (2nd Tuesdays)  |  SE London (4th Tuesdays)  |

|  North London (2nd Mondays)  |  London, Bookworm Club (3rd Wednesdays)  |  London, Naturally (last Saturdays)  |

London, Street (2nd Saturdays)London, Midweek Explorers (2nd or 3rd weeks)  |  London, Urban  |

London, Exhibitions  |  London, Projects  |



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Events organised by London Region August 2020 including Virtual and Actual Photowalks, Regular Meetings Online and Distinctions Study Group Online

Until 30th September - Totally  Thames Outdoor Exhibition at Putney.  link - OUTDOOR DISPLAY

Until 28th August - Photowalks are back!  Here's the link to the overview: individual details also below

8th August (Saturday) -  Virtual Photowalk all Groups - Capture the Essence of Placec(Part 3) - Members photos brought together to form a Virtual Walk - for fun and catch up.  BY VIDEO - link

9th August (Sunday) - Visit the Olympic Park with David Hicks. Photowalk. Here's the link.

10th August (Monday) - North london Meeting - BY VIDEO - link

11th August (Tuesday) - SW London Meeting  - BY VIDEO - link

13th August (Thursday) - Distinctions Advisory August Study Group - BY VIDEO - link

14th August (Friday).  An evening photowalk in the West End with Judy Hicks. Here's the link

19th August (Wednesday) - Explore Twickenham with Roger Towell.  Here's the link

19th August (Wednesday) - The Bookworm Club - BY VIDEO - link

23rd August (Sunday) - Visit Woodberry Wetlands with Jen Pedler and Jennette Russell.  a photowalk.  Here's the link

25th August (Tuesday) - SE London Meeting - BY VIDEO link

28th August (Friday) - Visit and explore Greenwich with Julian Rouse.  Here's the link.

LONDON NATURALLY - Usual Date Sunday 30th August but now being held on 23rd August, because of the Bank Holiday weekend.

Monday August 31st Bank Holiday

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Events organised by London Region September 2020

Until 30th September - Totally  Thames Outdoor Exhibition at Putney.  link - OUTDOOR DISPLAY

5th September (Saturday) – Distinctions Advisory Day ARPS  - BY VIDEO link for Fine Art advice - link for Applied and Documentarylink for Observers

8th September (Tuesday) SW London Meeting - BY VIDEO - link

10th  September (Thursday) - Distinctions Study Group focussing on ARPS - BY VIDEO - link

12th September (Saturday) - London Street Walk  Details to follow but SAVE THE DAY!

14th September (Monday) - North London Meeting -  BY VIDEO - link

16th September (Wednesday) - The Bookworm Club - BY VIDEO - link

21st September (Monday) - Visit Wimbledon Village, The Common and Cannizaro Park with Midweek Explorers (led by Roger Towell and Judy Hicks). Details to follow but SAVE THE DAY

22nd September (Tuesday) - SE London Group - BY VIDEOlink

26th September (Saturday) - LRPS Advisory Day - BY VIDEO - link  For advice, here.  To be a Spectator, here.

27th September (Sunday) – London Naturally – Richmond Thames Path & Deer Park Photowalk  DETAILS TO FOLLOW.

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Events organised by London Region October 2020

10th October (Saturday) London Street Walk - link

12th October (Monday) North london Group - link

13th October (Tuesday) SW London Group - link

20th October (Tuesday). Visit Crystal Palace Park with Midweek Explorers. Still to be confirmed but SAVE THE DAY.

21st October (Wednesday) The Bookworm Club - link

25th October (Sunday) – London Naturally – Hadley Wood Photowalk – to be confirmed – link

27th October (Tuesday) SE London Group - link


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Events organised by London Region November 2020

9th November (Monday) North London Meeting - link

10th November (Tuesday) SW London Meeting - link

11th November (Wednesday)Monuments, Statues and Remembrance:  a photowalk with Midweek Explorers from Hyde Park Corner to Trafalgar Square via Birdcage Walk, Buckingham Palace, Horse Guard's, Parliament Square, and Whitehall on this very important day.. 

14th November (Saturday) London Street Walk - link

18th November (Wednesday) The Bookworm Club - link

21st November (Saturday) London Region Print Selection Day - link

24th November (Tuesday) SE London Group -  link

14th November (Saturday) – Distinctions Advisory Day LRPS And ARPS Fine Art to be confirmed - link for Advice - link for Spectator

29th November (Sunday) – London Naturally – Camley Street and St Pancras Church Yard Photowalk – to be confirmed – link

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Events organised by London Region December 2020

8th December (Tuesday) SW London Group - link 

12th December (Saturday) London Street Walk - link

14th December (Monday) North London Group Meeting - link

15th December (Tuesday).  Midweek Explorers taken an afternoon stroll in Covent Garden, ending up at the Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square.  Details to follow but SAVE THE DAY

16th December (Wednesday) The Bookworm Club - link

SE London Group and London Naturally Groups will not meet this month.

25th December (Friday) - Christmas Day

26th December (Saturday) - Boxing Day


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Events organised by London Region January 2021

1st January (Friday) New Year's Day:   HAPPY NEW YEAR!

18th January (Monday) London Region AGM - link

Other events will follow....

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Events organised by London Region February 2021

None as yet

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Events organised by London Region March 2021

None as yet


Walks are back for August!

We have arranged five photowalks during August as a trial.  Each is limited to 8 participants plus two co-leaders - all in compliance with Covid-19 restrictions.

For details click here.

All four of our regular monthly meetings are being held on the usual dates via video conference Zoom - click here for details.

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