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Advisory Days and other events supporting RPS Distinctions

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Distinctions Advisory Days organised by London Region

London Region is very supportive of the Distinctions process, which is at the heart of the RPS for many. To find out more about the Distinctions process overall, please follow the Qualifications tab here 

In the London Region, we currently hold at least four Advisory Days for LRPS and ARPS each year - one per quarter.  At the moment these are combined events, which we will be continuing for Quarters 1 and 2 2020: thereafter we are planning to hold separate LRPS and ARPS Advisory Days, so keep an eye on the website for these events.  Booking into an Advisory Day as a Spectator is a very good way to learn about the distinctions system and will gives you the opportunity to watch current panel members reviewing portfolios in a professional and friendly manner, something you might like to consider.  

We usually hold one FRPS (Fellowship) Advisory Day each year and this year is no exception as we have a day planned for February 29th 2020.  (Fellowship Advisory Days are held in camera, and no spectators are allowed)

In the second half of 2020 we intend to hold a pilot session for digital submissions - also known as Images for Screen (IFS) - for LRPS and possibly ARPS.

We are planning informal sessions this year too, which will include an introductory session for those who want to do their LRPS or ARPS but don't quite know how or where to start. We can also organise "self help" groups for LRPS and ARPS to provide collegiate support and assistance to candidates, if there is sufficient interest..

You can see a list of Advisory Days planned by London Region by clicking this link. (Note: may not appear in date order.)

Further enquiries about Distinctions can be made to Bristol directly: or to the London Distinctions Co-ordinators:  Brian at or Mike at


Our photo-walks programme is now back to normal with max. 16 people per walk compliant with Covid-19 restrictions.  Look out for dates and details! Click here

The RPS London Region Members Print Exhibition 2020-21 is now up at Putney riverside. Link here   The exhibition has been extended to at least the end of August and possibly mid-September.

All four of our regular monthly meetings are being held on the usual dates via video conference Zoom; with the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, we have moved SW London to a hybrid meetings (in-pertson and online) and we are planning on N London to be hybrid from October. click here for details of all our events.

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