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London, Meet the Core Volunteer Team

London Region is run by a small team of core Volunteers who plan and organise the various events each month as well as one off projects such as Totally Thames or exhibitions.

Below is the list of the Volunteers who look after a micro-group or who have specific roles and responsibilities.  

In addition, we have many more volunteers who help out from time to time by doing more specific, one-off tasks; they are too numerous to mention individually here

Click on the name to send them an email.

David Hicks - Co-Regional Organiser:  in addition (Joint) Co-ordinator of N & SW Groups, (Joint) Exhibitions co-ordinator and (Joint) Web Editor

Judy Hicks LRPS - Co-Regional Organiser: in addition (Joint) Mid-week Walks Group and Joint Co-ordinator of N & SW Groups, (Joint) Exhibitions co-ordinator and Web Editor & Capital Letter.

Mike Psyllides - Co-Deputy Regional Organiser, Distinctions Co-ordinator for London Region (with Brian Connolly) and leader of our Distinctions Co-ordinator workshops.

Brian Connolly - Distinctions Co-ordinator for London Region (with Mike Psyllides)

Jennette Russell LRPS - London Region Treasurer, Joint Leader of London Naturally

Jen Pedler - London Naturally (Walks)

Jennifer Hurstfield - London Book Group (Bookworms)

Julian Rouse -  Cafe Art Mentoring Programme, Kick-it-Out and Lightroom Training

Martin Gandy - Memberships

Roger Towell - Coordinator of London,Urban and of Midweek Explorers

Norman Smith LRPS - Co-Deputy Regional Organiser, London Street Group Leader & SE London Group Co-ordinator

Jonathan Taylor - Exhibitions Designer

Sandra Roberts - runs our Instagram site

Lorena Curevo - works mainly with Bristol HQ assisting with the website

Adrian McCarthy - Support to Distinctions and other Ad Hoc Support

Mo Greig ARPS - Ad Hoc Support


  • Region Web Editor
  • Social Media Co-odinator
  • London Newsletter Editor/Writer
  • Exhibitions Co-ordinator
  • Marketing Support



Photowalks are back! Click here

We now have two exhibitions running in newly reopened Putney Library: -       "Covid-19 Lockdown" and "Totally Thames 2019".  Link here

All four of our regular monthly meetings are being held on the usual dates via video conference Zoom - click here for details of all our September events.

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