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London Bookworms Meetings (3rd Wednesday)

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London Bookworms - Currently held via Videolink

"Bookworms" meet to discuss a photography book about ten times a year (no meetings in December or in the Summer).  Occasionally they may attend Exhibitions or Workshops as a group.  Meetings are usually on the third Wednesday of the month but may vary.  

Although the meeting has in the past focused on a particular book over a number of months, the format has now changed and currently the group is focusing on a different photographer each month, a format which is proving very popular. The programme has included famous as well as lesser known photographers, and the discussions have been very stimulating. There is a core of 8 regulars and several others attend intermittently.

All are welcome but meetings are deliberately kept to a small number so that all can enjoy and participate in discussions.   For more information, to check dates and to book, click here


All of our regular monthly meetings are being held on the usual dates; North London, SW London and SE London are now in-person only.  Bookworms is now a mixture of in-person and hybrid meetings (in-person and online);  We have introduced a London Zoom (online only) for those who cannot easily reach the three regular locations. click here for details of all our events.

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