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List of Events Organised by London Region

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Below is a summary of London Region organised events in date order

We continued our three regular monthly meetings and the Bookworms Group online throughout the Covid-19 lockdown. We also held Distinctions Advisories, our monthly Distinctions Study Group and other one-off events and activities online too.  We have started to run some of our regular meetings as "hybrid events" - with some people in the room and others online.

Our photo-walks programme (Street, London Naturally & Midweek Explorers) restarted in April and we have started two new London Region Micro-Groups this year:  Landscape and Wildlife & Nature.  See the dates and details in the monthly lists below.


In addition to looking through the month-by-month listing of events below, you can find events for our regular groups below by clicking one of the following links.  (Due to the way the website has been setup, they may not appear in date order but you can scan through to find the date/event you want)

Advisory Days / Distinctions  |  SW London (2nd Tuesdays)  |  SE London (4th Tuesdays)North London (2nd Mondays)  |  London, Bookworm Club (3rd Wednesdays)  |  London, Naturally (last Sundays)London, Street (2nd Saturdays)London, Midweek Explorers (2nd or 3rd weeks)  |  London, UrbanLondon, Wildlife  |  London, LandscapeLondon, Exhibitions  |  London, Projects  | London, Photowalks / Field Trips | Meetings (in-person / online / hybrid)

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Events organised by London Region October preview

OCTOBER:  As the nights draw in, we think of Autumn Colours, Street Walks on crisp Autumn Days and the City beginning to come alive for Christmas.

6th October (Wednesday).  LONDON REGION LANDSCAPES visit Reculver FIELD TRIP. link.

9th October 2021 (Saturday). STREET PHOTOWALK link.

11th October (Monday). NORTH LONDON - Our keynote speaker tonight will be Patrick Hudgell, who is going to talk about Hares. This will be followed by Photo-sharing as usual.  MOVING TO HYBRID THIS MONTH. link

12th October (Tuesday).  SW LONDON - Regular Monthly Meeting. Tonight Mike Woodman will share more of his photography with us.  Always interesting and different! HYBRID.  link

14th October (Thursday). ADVISORY STUDY GROUP LRPS - Regular Monthly Meeting led by Mike Psyllides and a Guest Advisor ONLINE. link

18th October (Monday).  LONDON REGION LANDSCAPES Blue Hour to Golden Hour at Limehouse. FIELD TRIP  link

19th October 2021 (Tuesday).  MIDWEEK EXPLORERS visit Primrose Hill PHOTOWALK.  . link

20th October 2021 (Wednesday) BOOKWORMS ONLINE.  This month Maria Oldland will introduce the work of Eve Arnold. link

21st October 2021 (Thursday) LONDON WILDLIFE & NATURE visit St James' Park FIELD TRIP link

26th October 2021 (Tuesday) SE LONDON Regular Monthly Meeting Tonight Kathryn Alkins will share with us her continuing  journey with her creative Fine Art Photography. ONLINE link

30th October 2021 (Saturday) London Urban PHOTOWALK Pimlico to Sloane Square via Vauxhall (link)

31st October 2021 (Sunday).  LONDON NATURALLY Regular Monthly PHOTOWALK to explore Tower Hamlets Cemetery link


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Events organised by London Region November preview

NOVEMBER:  Bonfires and Remembrance. Misty mornings and foggy days for those atmospheric shots by the river, in the parks and commons, and in the cemeteries!  Thanksgiving will be obvious in some parts of the Capital but mainly preparations will be aimed at Chritmas and the New Year.

6th November (Saturday).  STREET.  Brought forward to this date to allow Street Photographers to visit the Lord Mayor's Show on 13th in their own time.  This month we will be exploring Soho. (link)

9th November (Tuesday).  SW LONDON - Regular Monthly Meeting: Our keynote speaker tonight will be David Mooney who will talk about his Wimbledon Common Project.  ONLINE or HYBRID. (link)

11th November 2021 (Thursday).  MIDWEEK EXPLORERS PHOTOWALK.  Memorials and Remembrance - a special event for Remembrance Week.  *Note change of day and date* (link)

11th November (Thursday). ADVISORY STUDY GROUP ARPS - Regular Monthly Meeting ONLINE led by Mike Psyllides and a Guest Advisor. (link)

15th November (Monday). NORTH LONDON - Regular Monthly Meeting: Our keynote speaker tonight will be Quentin Ball ARPS who will bring us pictures of Yellowstone.  This will be followed by Photo-sharing as usual.  HYBRID you may join online or inperson. (link)

17th November 2021 (Wednesday).  BOOKWORMS.  Regular Monthly Meeting.  This month Helen Wolstonecraft will introduce the work of Raymond Depardon (link).


23rd November 2021 (Tuesday) SE LONDON Regular Monthly Meeting (link)

27th November 2021 (Saturday).  Distinctions Advisory Day ONLINE.  LRPS. To apply to submit work, follow the link here.  To apply to be an observer, follow the link here.

28th November 2021 (Sunday).  LONDON NATURALLY Regular Monthly PHOTOWALK (link)


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Events organised by London Region December preview

DECEMBER:  Christmas and New Year:  the end of 2021 and we hope the pandemic will be well and truly behind us.  The month will be marked by Celebrations, reunions with friends and family, parties Christmas lights and carols round the tree!

5th December (Sunday). ARPS ADVISORY DAY (0930 - 13.30) - Advisor booked so far: Richard Tickner - Visual Art; 2nd advisor and genre - to be confirmed.

9th December (Wednesday). ADVISORY STUDY GROUP ARPS - Regular Monthly Meeting ONLINE led by Mike Psyllides and a Guest Advisor.

11th December 2021 (Saturday). STREET PHOTOWALK.  Well, it's Christmas - so it almost certainly has to be a visit to London Festivities:  Shop Windows and Street Lights!

13th December (Monday). NORTH LONDON - Regular Monthly Meeting with a Keynote Speaker.  This will be followed by Photo-sharing as usual.  ONLINE or HYBRID.  

14th December (Tuesday).  SW LONDON - Regular Monthly Meeting. Details to be confirmed.  ONLINE or HYBRID.

15th December 2021 (Wednesday).  BOOKWORMS.  Regular Monthly Meeting.

20th December 2021 (Monday).  MIDWEEK EXPLORERS PHOTOWALK.  *Date may change"  



LONDON NATURALLY PHOTOWALK - normally last Sunday, which would be 26th December (last Sunday). 

SE LONDON - normally 4th Tuesday, which would be 28th December.



Our photo-walks programme is now back to normal with max. 16 people per walk compliant with Covid-19 restrictions.  Look out for dates and details! Click here

The RPS London Region Members Print Exhibition 2020-21 is now up at Putney riverside. Link here   The exhibition has been extended to at least the end of August and possibly mid-September.

All four of our regular monthly meetings are being held on the usual dates via video conference Zoom; with the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, we have moved SW London to a hybrid meetings (in-pertson and online) and we are planning on N London to be hybrid from October. click here for details of all our events.

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