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London South East Meetings (1st Mondays)

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London, South East - Petts Wood


We meet on the first Monday of every month at 7pm in the function room to the right of the bar at The Daylight Inn, Sation Square, Petts Wood.  It is on the north east side of Petts Wood Station. 

This local group is not aimed specifically at people living in around Petts Wood: the location is chosen because it has good public transport links to various parts of SE London and it is with easy driving distance for Croyden round to Dartford.

The evenings are open to all whether RPS Members or non-members; you just need to enjoy photography and want to meet with like-minded people.  We typically have about 20 to 25 attendees which is enough for good discussion but small enough for all to participate.

The format for a typical evening is:-

 - presentation of about 30 minutes by one of the attendees of a project or of recent work

 - "picture sharing" where attendees upload (Max.) five images to Dropbox which are shown to the group; these images can be for discussion or (constructive) critique by the group - or just images to enjoy!

 - discussion of current or future group projects or exhibitions

 - the evening closes by selection of a volunteer to do the opening presentation at the next meeting

Although this is a new venue, we expect many of the attendees will have a social drink in the bar afterwards; and maybe even a social drink in the bar before the meeting.

Booking is required.  You can see the dates of future meetings here (Note: these may not display in date order!)

Or you can contact the organiser Mike ( here ) or Julian ( here).


The station has direct trains from the following central London Stations:-

 - Blackfriars / Cannon Street / Charing Cross / London Bridge / Victoria

And returns back to all these stations except Blackfriars.

These services call at stations across SE London including:-

 - Lewisham / New Cross

Queensway (the other side of the railway) has bus routes 208 R3 and R7.  The 208 links Lewisham, Catford, Bromley and Orpington.

The street parking restrictions end at 6.30pm.

The postcode for the The Daylight Inn in the middle of Station Square, Petts Wood is BR5 1LZ


All of our regular monthly meetings are being held on the usual dates; North London, SW London and SE London are now in-person only.  Bookworms is now a mixture of in-person and hybrid meetings (in-person and online);  We have introduced a London Zoom (online only) for those who cannot easily reach the three regular locations. click here for details of all our events.

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