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London Region's Volunteer Team

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London, Meet the Core Volunteer Team

London Region has a small elected committee supported by a Core Volunteer Team who run London Region's activities such as looking after a micro-group, London Region Distinctions Events, or delivering specific roles and responsibilities.  In addition many Members help and support the running of our events and activities.

Here is a list of the people you may need or wish to contact - click on teh blue name for the email link:

Elected Formal Committee

Regional Organiser: - David Hicks 

Region Treasurer: - Jennette Russell LRPS

Co-deputy Regional Organisers: - Judy Hicks LRPS; Mike Psyllides ARPS; Roger Towell ARPS

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Volunteer Team and Roles

Brian Connolly - Distinctions Coordinator for London Region (joint with Mike Psyllides) for LRPS

David Hicks - Regional Organiser; (Joint) Coordinator of N, SW & Zoom Groups; (Joint) Exhibitions Coordinator: and (Joint) Web Editor

Edith Templeton - Helps run events in the Region, initially supporting Judy who is handing over this role

Fred Barrington FRPS - Helps organise Street Walks (with Judy); mentor for London REgion-CafeArt Photography Mentoring programme; and helps with printing, etc. for exhibitions

Jennette Russell LRPS - Treasurer

Jennifer Hurstfield - Organiser of London Book Group (Bookworms)

Joanne Segars - Primary lead for London's 2024 project "Sustainable London"

Judy Hicks LRPS - Co-deputy Regional Organiser; Organiser of Street Photo-Walks; (Joint) Corodinator of Mid-week Photo-Walks microgroup; (Joint) Coordinator of N, SW & Zoom Groups; mentor for London Region-CafeArt Photography Mentoring programme; (Joint) Exhibitions co-ordinator; (Joint) Web Editor; and (Joint) Capital Letter editor.

Julian Rouse LRPS -  Organiser of Community Programmes - London Region-Cafe Art Photography Mentoring Programme and photography for Kick-it-Out; (joint) organiser of SE London; and organiser of Landscape photography field trips.

Martin Gandy LRPS - Manages London Region Memberships;  and organiser of Nature and Wildlife field trips

Mike Psyllides ARPS - Distinctions Coordinator for London Region (with Brian Connolly) for ARPS; leader of our Distinctions Study Group; and (joint) organiser of SE London

Mo Greig ARPS - Support lead for RPS London's 2024 project "Sustainable London"

Pat Simmos - Mentor for London Region-CafeArt Photography Mentoring programme.

Roger Towell ARPS - Co-deputy Regional Organiser; Coordinator of London Urban microgroup; (Joint) Organiser of Mid-week Photo-Walks microgroup; and Editor of Capital Letter.

Vincenzo Albano ARPS - London Region's Instagrammer.  Please send images of only events organised by London Region to him with a few words of descrition at



  • Region Web Editor
  • Social Media Co-odinator
  • London Newsletter Editor/Writer
  • Exhibitions Co-ordinator
  • Marketing Support



All of our regular monthly meetings are being held on the usual dates; North London, SW London and SE London are now in-person only.  Bookworms is now a mixture of in-person and hybrid meetings (in-person and online);  We have introduced a London Zoom (online only) for those who cannot easily reach the three regular locations. click here for details of all our events.

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