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Perkin Elmer 1010A microdensitometer
CREDIT: Microdensitometer. From a technical paper by Alan Hodgson ASIS FRPS

President's news

News from RPS President Dr Alan Hodgson ASIS HonFRPS
Kaikoura Moon
Now and then
Seeing stuff in Moon photography

One of my favourite objects for photography is our Moon. Try some moon photography from home. Aim for a focal length around 400mm.

Mother And Child
Plight and pleasure
Learning by sharing stuff

"I found photojournalism at its finest, exploring world issues with a combination of the decisive moment and technical excellence."

Irene And Frederic Joilet Curie
CREDIT: A reflection in a Cartier-Bresson image - Tete a Tete Portraits exhibition
On the shoulders of giants
An exercise in seeing stuff

"Study a picture and imagine yourself placed within it. Where would you put yourself? How would it change the message?"

Hunter & Penrose Camera
Truth and Photography
Studying stuff for inspiration

"A lot of my professional work has involved photography to establish truth, for academic papers and to document identity."

IR Conversion
Stuff to do

"We are all facing the prospect of a period isolated from normality due to the infection outbreak... A passion for photography has its place in this..."

Virgin Of The Rocks
CREDIT: © National Gallery, London
Going beneath the surface
The diversity of photographic applications

"Just like Layers in photo editing software artists leave details not visible in the final image."

Cartier-Bresson Portraits exhibition
Giants of Photography - Henri Cartier-Bresson
A masterclass in portraiture

"On view were portraits that capture the who's who of a generation. The power of a portrait before digital and without colour through the work of a maestro, capturing the essence of the sitter."

Ready Steady Jump
CREDIT: Bryan Roberts ARPS
SE region AGM
Another chance for print viewing

"Off to join the RPS South East region AGM today. Not helped by Storm Dennis passing through but made it eventually..."

no.12 The Uncanny
CREDIT: Chirag Jindal
The ground beneath us
And the diversity of Photography

"I have been looking at some interesting, useful and beautiful images of the ground beneath our feet. The first was by the Under 30s IPE award winner Chirag Jindal..."

Image Power
CREDIT: Sandra Roberts LRPS
Out and about with The RPS
The diversity of photography

"Our president, Alan Hodgson, writes about visiting both the London Region Print Exhibition and International Garden Photographer of the Year."

Christina Lewis 2
CREDIT: Christina Lewis
Photography for social purpose
Students making a difference

"I mentioned in a previous entry that I had sat in on a series of presentations at RPS House from local students. I will share with you the creative intent of the student photographer Christina Lewis..."

CREDIT: Mandy Barker
Plastic recycling
And the role of cameras

"At present 79% of plastic is discarded. To meet recycling commitments by 2025 we need to increase recycling rates 3.5 times..."

Smartphone And DSLR
Smartphone photography good is good?

"We cannot afford to criticise pictures just because they are not taken on a high end DSLR..."

Portrait Of Two Boys By William Edward Kilburn,
CREDIT: Robert B. Menschel and the Vital Projects Fund, National Gallery of Art Washington DC
3D Imaging
... then and now

"Back in the USA again, this time San Francisco for the Electronic Imaging conference. I am here mainly for the smartphone imaging content but there is a lot on 3D imaging and holography too..."

Portrait Of The Wife Of William Ward Booth Junior
CREDIT: Victoria & Albert museum collection
Then and now
And a focus on our future

"Still looking at my copy of the December 2019 edition of The Journal arrived. IPE LiDAR image, Robert Gendler who I met at the 2019 Awards evening  but this time my gaze was drawn to 2 images of climate activist Greta Thunberg."

Jaguar E Type
Photography in motion
Automobile photography as a profession

"In a previous item on the diversity of photography I noted my view that we need more examples of real role models to encourage more entrants to photography as a professional..."

Walter Menzie and Derek Birch
Walter Benzie Hon FRPS
Past President, died 15/1/20

"We heard on the 15th January that Walter Benzie, 63rd President of The Society, had died after a long illness."

CREDIT: Jamie Horrigan
The Issue of Identity
... and its many facets

"Do you ever pick up a magazine and find so much interesting content there that it stays on your table for ages?"

Cafe Art logo
Photography, homelessness
...and charitable status too

"We will all be aware of the issue of homelessness within our communities. I have seen a couple of examples recently where photography can make a difference."

Заяц (zayats), Russian for rabbit
CREDIT: Lin Jermakova
The diversity of Photography
The role of education

"Creating new role models is important for us if we are to encourage more entrants to photography as a profession or an interest."

Happy Birthday ISG
CREDIT: Unknown
Happy Centenary ISG!
…and a little reflective practice

"I have been a member of The RPS Imaging Science Group for around 15 years but this is a mere fraction of the Group history. Their first meeting took place 100 years ago this month."

M42 From Oliver Van Zwanenberg
CREDIT: Oliver Van Zwanenberg
Good Picture 2019
A discussion with a Photography student

"The RPS Imaging Science Group runs an annual meeting called Good Picture. Through this event the Group endeavours to show how photography works, and how this can help make you a better photographer."

2019 Awards Al Bovik
CREDIT: Derryn Vranch Photography
Giants of Photography - Al Bovik
Literally and metaphorically

"The Giants of Photography do not all have to be photographers like Fenton and Eisenstaedt. There are giants out there that make an immense contribution "behind the scenes"."

Bristol Royal Infirmary at night
CREDIT: Bristol Royal Infirmary at night © Alice Kenny
Print viewing
And the benefits it brings

"With the move to Bristol we were keen to create links with the Clinical photography unit there and to build the linkage with the RPS Medical Group."

Masters of Print poster
CREDIT: Smartphone photo by Alan Hodgson
Print viewing
And the joy it brings

"I have a background in photo printing and the viewing of prints is a pleasure that has never left me. A few recent events have allowed me to exercise that pleasure to the full."

Perkin Elmer 1010A microdensitometer
CREDIT: Microdensitometer. From a technical paper by Alan Hodgson ASIS FRPS
Long road to digital
...tell your story

"I list myself as one of those lucky people that has made a career out of digital imaging. Over the years I have shared the experience across RPS events, international conferences and camera clubs."

Kristjan 9
CREDIT: Jack Latham / National Archives Iceland
The power of photography
Author: Dr Alan Hodgson ASIS FRPS

"Reading the visitors book from a couple of recent and complementary exhibitions at RPS House."

Monochrome Camera
CREDIT: Monochrome camera board @ Alan Hodgson ASIS FRPS
The heart of the camera
Interested in exploring?

"As a child I had a curiosity about how things worked. This was a significant driver that guided my early interest in photography"

Celebrating Our Heritage
CREDIT: UNESCO World Heritage celebration © Alan Hodgson ASIS FRPS
Photo connections and communities
…where do your pictures go?

"I am interested in our photo connections and other communities using photography. I worked in astrophotography for a while so images of the night sky catch my eye."

Fruit And Flowers
CREDIT: National Gallery of Art, Washington and the Paul Mellon Fund
Giants of Photography - Roger Fenton
...a century old lesson in still life

"I have been travelling recently and in 2 very different locations I was able to admire the work of Roger Fenton, a photographer who features strongly in the history of The Society."

Science In The Society
Science in the Society Science need not always equate to Scientific

"A couple of recent RPS events have for me served to illustrate the breadth reached in Photography, our educational remit and our connections to other communities."

191113 RPS Awards 2019 0373 HIGH RES
CREDIT: Derryn Vranch
Denis Thorpe - memories rekindled
...connections across Photography

"There was a lot to admire about the Awards and here I want to concentrate on one of the deliverables that we bring to our community"

Alfred Eisenstaedt
CREDIT: Alfred Eisenstaedt exhibition. Smartphone photograph by Alan Hodgson ASIS FRPS
Giants of photography - Albert Eisenstaedt
...a lesson in photojournalism

"Visited the "Mid-Century Master: The Photography of Alfred Eisenstaedt" exhibition at the Hillwood Estate, Washington DC."

Shanghai Skyline
CREDIT: Shanghai Skyline © Alan Hodgson ASIS FRPS
Thoughts from China
...image display, inkjet printing, sustainability

"Shortly after the AGM I left for 2 weeks of meetings in Shanghai, China. Around 4000 of us descended on the city"

AGM 2019
CREDIT: AGM 2019 © Janet Haines ARPS
The 2019 AGM
...and our route to a Sustainable Society

"We passed a number of resolutions at the AGM, including one to consider the Society’s position with regard to climate change."