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Audio Visual

The Audio Visual Group encourages their members in the making of AV sequences through education, competition and distinctions


Welcome to the RPS Audio Visual Group......

The Audio Visual Group is one of the larger groups, catering for the interests of photographers who enjoy and make Audio Visual productions. The AV Group is a friendly, caring and sharing community.

Audio Visual, or AV as it is known is a fantastic way of showcasing stunning photographic images linked to a sound track – music, song, poetry, words, sounds, or a combination of these.  A particular feature of an AV production is the third image, that wonderful moment when one image dissolves into the next.

Almost exclusively digital these days, AV productions combine projected photographs and possibly video with a sound track giving you the opportunity to combine projected photographs with sound and narration and it is an interesting way of presenting your work and ideas.   We can offer you advice, encourage and support members through eduction, competition and distinctions, as well as showing you how to make an AV.  Please click on Making an AV Sequence for "How to and more information"

Why not click on our Benefits to Join to give you a brief resume of what we have to offer and do browse around our web pages to find out more by clicking on the links below.