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Judges, Lecturers and Workshop Leaders

Judges and Lecturers

The Audio-Visual Group of the Royal Photographic Society are striving to support the development and growth of local AV groups.  As part of this initiative we are setting up an online register of judges, lecturers and workshop leaders who are willing to judge at or present to local AV groups, either in person or using internet technology. 

Below is a register of people who have offered their services to AV groups as judges or lecturers who may or may not be members of the Royal Photographic Society.  Please note that inclusion in this list is not an indication that individuals have gone through any selection or approval procedure and the society is not responsible for them or for the quality of their work.

 Groups should contact the judge/lecturer directly and agree the terms of their booking, including any fees and expenses.  These will be charged at the discretion of the judge/lecturer.   

To view registers please click on either  AV Judges or AV Lecturers to download or view a PDF Document.

Judging Spreadsheet  Click to download the Excel spreadsheet designed by Ian Bateman and referred to by Charles Hulse in his article in issue 209, August 2017 -"Harmonising Judging Methods". The spreadsheet needs Excel 2010 or later to properly implement the sorting button functions.