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Audio Visual Making an AV Sequence

How to make a sequence, how to start, what's new

What is AV

Essentially it is the presentation of a sequence of photographs with an accompanying soundtrack.

Audio Visual presentations, or “sequences”, can range from interpreting music, poetry or song, to stories and documentaries on subjects as varied as nature, travel and tourism, topical issues or historical events. They can be humorous, educational, campaigning, inspiring or eccentric. AV is much more than "pictures to music"! AV at its best has the power to touch people’s hearts, communicate feelings and emotions, and to change people’s lives.

AV takes many forms

  • Photo Harmony links a series of images to a suitable selection of music or sound with the aim of producing a harmonious sequence of pictures and third images, that wonderful transition when one picture dissolves into the next. In Photo Harmony, all photographs will be the work of the author. Click here to read the full definition of Photo Harmony.
  • Other styles include the spoken word, often recorded by the author and when linked with sound and music will take the viewer on a journey. Styles are many and varied including travelogues, emotional personal stories, family history, interpretation of poetry, humour, and records of events and stories.


How to make an AV please click on this recorded talk given by Ian Bateman on 14 March 2021.

What's New in PTE AV Studio 10 published by Ian Bateman FRPS MPAGB AV-FIAP APAGB