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Audio Visual Special Awards

The Dobson Henry Medal and George plus Doreen Pollock Medals

Qualification for receiving the Dobson Henry Medal

For outstanding contributions in the Audio-Visual Medium
For furthering the activity of the Medium.
For long service to the Medium
Organising events, such as The Internationals, The Nationals, workshops & AV Days, working on    committees such as the AV Group and the RPS Distinctions Panel.
Working for charity over many years, using AV as the medium.
Helping and advising others in public, and also for those people who work quietly in the background.

Although production of ground breaking sequences is a factor and should be taken account this alone does not quality. The authors will have been recognised in other ways.  It is open to all who work in the field of AV no matter what nationality or country of residence and not just AV Group Members.

It is hoped that to receive the Medal the candidate will qualify in more than one of the above, but in exceptional circumstances one category may suffice.


John Dobson  1910 - 1991


Dobson Henry Award
Dobson Henry Award 2018

Ian Bateman (UK), Lorenzo De Francesco (Italy) and Lilian Webb (Ireland) receiving the Henry Dobson Award in 2018.

Dobson Henry 2019
Dobson Henry Award 2019

Howard Bagshaw, Jill Bunting, John Smith recipients of the Dobson Henry Award in 2019

2023 Award Bryan Stubbs, Tony Collinson Keith Scott
Dobson Henry Award 2023

Bryan Stubbs, Tony Collinson and Keith Scott, the Dobson Henry Award 2023 recipients.  Below Award Speech.