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Landscape to Audio Visual

Landscapes photographs are ideal material to use for making your first Audio Visual Sequence.  They can be used in a general sequence of photographs  with a piece of instrumental music.  Other ideas for their use is to put a poem to the photos which can be narrated by the author or from a downloaded poem already recorded;  or perhaps using landscape photography to interpret a song using ones imagination.  The final step would be to make it more into a story and narrate it yourself.

The Committee have created a YouTube Channel of AV Sequences using mainly landscape images.   There is a mixture of different ideas on how to use landscape images, they can be put to music; a song; a poem; or event a narrated story.   (a summary is given with each AV to give you an idea of its content).   The can be anything from 1 minute to 12 minutes long. 

To help anyone who is interested in developing their skills to use their landscape photos please go to any of the links below, which includes our You Tube Channel. Some of the links are on our site but others are accessed via the internet

On the Making an AV Sequence page there is a great deal of information and guides on the software editing programmes that the majority of our AV workers use in the form of PDF documents and links. 

Mentoring - we have members who are willing to help anyone interested in making an AV,  like how to size, which music to choose, how to narrate, which software programme to use.  They are also willing to put together a short AV in a zip format so that you can open it and see how its put together with all the necessary workings. 

Any questions please contact anyone on the Committee.

Useful Links

Landscape Into AV Footer

Collaborative Project RPS Landscape and Audio Visual Groups


This is a collaborative project run jointly by the RPS Landscape and Audio Visual group.  The aim is for participants to produce audio visual (AV) presentations as a means of showcasing landscape photography and to explore AV as a method of showing photographs in an engaging and meaningful way.

Members of the RPS AV and Landscape groups are particularly encouraged to participate but all members of the RPS, and non-members, are very welcome. There will be a nominal charge to non-members of the society for taking part in some events that form part of the project.

The RPS Audio Visual Group will be presentating an Introductory Event to the RPS Landscape Group via Zoom on the 20th April 2024.  This will cover  different approaches to landscape AVs and a short overview of what is involved in their production with a demonstration of software used, plus sources of help on "how to".

The Audio Visual Group have also contacted the RPS Landscape, Documentary, Travel and Nature Special Interest Groups  to see if they would like to sponsor an award for an AV which best fits their specialism (according to the judges).

For more information on the Landscape Group Sound-Scapes Project  please visit their site.

The Audio Visual Group will be running a Zoom Workshop on Saturday 29th June 2024 on how to make an AV using Landscape images.  More details will be available soon.