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Audio Visual Mission and Vision

Overall Objectives

Strategic Plan for AV Group formed in 1977

Overall objectives
To help support the RPS Strategic Plan and specifically increase the relevance of the RPS for the AV medium especially for young photographers and engage wider audiences.  We have decided to focus our goals and the three headings to promote educate and encourage.

Continue to produce a AV News, a paper publication published three times a year.

To supplement AV news by producing AV news e-xtra, a broadcast sent out 3 times per year viewed by ISSU or as a downloadable pdf.

To encourage people to apply for Audio Visual Distinctions which have been in existence since 1972.

By putting on events that promote the art form of AV that has been in existence since the early days of the magic lantern where lanternists told stories, entertained, educated and promoted such things as temperance and geographical education to their audience.

To develop and maintain the newly prepared website.

To use social media in promoting the activities-benefits etc. of the AV group and the art form

Using events put on by the AV group to encourage public appreciation.

To use the many years of experience of members of the group to encourage awareness and participation.

To widen participation in the AV movement through national and international competitions which showcase best practice from around the world