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Audio Visual Useful Information

Membership, with an fee of £15 for RPS members and £22 for subscribers, the group supports AV group members in several ways. Click on Benefits to Join to find out more.

Click on Links and Resources to access a broad range of useful information. This includes:

  • Links to the suppliers of AV production and sound editing software, libraries of sound effects and copyright free music, recording licences, and file transfer platforms.
  • A listing of AV Clubs and Groups across the country where you can get involved and access further information.
  • Information on national and international AV competitions and events with links to the competition websites and results. Some of these give access to downloads of competition winning AV productions.

The AV Group has a dedicated, private Facebook Page where you can join discussions and debates to help develop your AV skills and find out about national and international AV completions and events. To view the AV News Facebook page  please click here.

An AGM of the AV Group is held September/October each year and the Constitution of the Audio Visual Group, can be viewed here

Judging Spreadsheet  Here is the link to download the Excel spreadsheet designed by Ian Bateman and referred to by Charles Hulse in his article in issue 209, August 2017 -"Harmonising Judging Methods". The spreadsheet needs Excel 2010 or later to properly implement the sorting button functions.