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Audio Visual One Minute Challenge

AV Challenge to produce a 1 minute AV during the Covid-19 Lockdown Period

Lockdown Period - One Minute Challenge

On the 18th March 2020 Alastair Taylor wrote on Facebook:    The prospect of several weeks of isolation may well be filling you with dread, or perhaps giving you the time and space to get down to being creative with new AV productions. I hope the latter. So let's see what we can do to make something positive from this situation. Feed in your ideas and together we can keep things active. How about an online mini challenge, perhaps making a 1 minute AV,

This resulted in well over 100 AV's being posted,  a few of which were a little longer than the one minute challenge.   All the AVs posted during the Covid-19 Lockdown period are listed below, please click on any of the links. Unfortunately 9 of the AVs are embedded within Facebook so the links will take you to the appropriate place on the AV News Facebook page. 

The AV's posted below are from 18th March to the 7th June 2020 when a new challenge will be listed which is the The Fab Four, that is Alastair Taylor, Keith Watson, Malcolm Imhoff and Robert Albright have got together to launch a Beatles themed on-line AV challenge as listed on the AV News Facebook site.

Why not visit our Facebook page for up to date news, more AVs and useful information.


1 Minute AVs

Decay by Martin Addison

Morgans at Le Mans by Sheila Haycox

Differental Geometry by Barrie Glover

Four Little Clues by Keith Watson

AV by Malcolm Imhoff

Just a Minute by Malcolm Imhoff

Fill Every Space by Howard Bagshaw 

Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car by Ian Bateman

My Secret Space by Marion Waine 

Time by Ian Bateman

Bargain Books by Ian Bennett

Giant Steps by Malcolm Imhoff

About the Bird by Malcolm Moorehead

Ghost Town 2020 by Alastair Taylor

Horace Bachelor by Malcolm Imhoff

Just a Christmas Minute by Malcolm Imhoff

The Noise of Waters by Neil Smith

Juliet's Balcony by Malcolm Imhoff

Time Flies By Graham Neville

Head in Clouds by Martin Addison

Granny by Marion Waine

A Visit to the Opera by Martin Addison

Where is Cedric by Malcolm Imhoff

Building of Chartres Cathedral by Malcolm Imhoff

Modern Art by Malcolm Imhoff

Lavendars Blue by Malcolm Imhoff

Not a Single Leaf by Mark Allen

1940 Severn Valley Railway by Keith Watson

Monmouthshire Railway by Laura Parker

Moustache by Ian Bennett

The perfect View by Maggie Imhoff

Streams of Light by Maggie Imhoff

Resurrection by Brendan Gillan

WW2 People by David Cooke

Crazy Carousel by Maggie Imhoff

Spring at Last by Barrie Glover

Snowfall by Mark Allen

Snowy Morning Blues by Malcolm Imhoff

I Can't Keep Calm I'm Taking Photos by Keith Watson

JR's Old Piano by Barrie Glover

Winters Naked Wood by Keith Watson

Alone but never Lonely by Malcolm Imhoff

Dreams by Martin Addison

Frogs by Barrie Glover

Harvest Time by Barrie Glover

Coming Up Roses by Barrie Glover

Hoar Frost by Barrie Glover

Windscreen Panels by Barrie Glover

Graffiti Artists by David Cooke

In the Woods by David Cooke

My Printer by Martin Addison

Monty's Show by Sheila Haycox

1 Minute AVs

White by Martin Addison

Northern Lights by Ian Bateman

For No One by Robert Albright

Lake District by Mark Allen

Tea, Liquid Lunch and Gold by Mark Allen

Water Colour by Malcolm Imhoff

Magic Forest by Malcolm Imhoff

Evolution by Sheila Haycox

Rest by Martin Addison

London Lines by Martin Addison

Luxmuralis by Ian Bateman

Vincent by Malcolm Imhoff

Jigsaw by Sheila Haycox

Helleborus by Alastair Taylor

AV Swirls by Barrie Glover

Rest by Martin Addison

London Lines by Martin Addison

Luxmuralis by Ian Bateman

Vincent by Malcolm Imhoff

Jigsaw by Sheila Haycox

Helleborus by Alastair Taylor

AV Swirls by Barrie Glover

Loch Lomond Morning by Malcolm Imhoff

Images, Imagination, Imagine by Barrie Glover

Tree No. 1 by Malcolm Imhoff

Tree 2 by Malcolm Imhoff

Trees a Crowd by Maggie Imhoff

Please Stay Safe by Barrie Glover

Pizza Fun by Ian Bennett

Sounds Like a Nice Walk by Malcolm Imhoff

In Slot Canyon by Mark Allen

Holdufolk, Hidden People in Iceland by Mark Allen

Diabelli 13 by Robert Albright

Wild Flowers by Martin Addison

Ferry Across the Mersey by Maggie Imhoff

Straw Talk by Malcolm Moorhead

Have a Go by Ian Bennett

Spheres by Martin Addison

The Visitors by David Cooke

Flower Rotation by Barrie Glover

Rousillon by Ian Bateman

Sancta Maria by Brendan Gillan

Arches by Neil Smith

England Green & England Grey by Malcolm Imhoff

Fotofunguy by Barrie Glover

Raptors by Barrie Glover

Britains Tits by Barrie Glover

Mono Lake by Barrie Glover

Six Mile Cypress by Barrie Glover

Pike Place Market by Barrie Glover

Homosassa Springs by Barrie Glover

I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles by Barrie Glover

My Other Hobby by Barrie Glover

AVs Longer than 1 minute

VE Day 2020 by Martin Addison 2m55s

Oil Soap Water by Barrie Glover 3m33s

Nature's Angels by Barrie Glover 3m25s

Bees and Bugs by Barrie Glover 3m 30s

Home to Home by Lorenzo Defrancesco 4m45s

Prayer by Martin Addison 1m49s

Birds on Sticks by Barrie Glover 5m59s

Dragons and Angels by Barrie Glover 7m40s

Re-Thatching by Sheila Haycox 2m43s

The Gift of Love by Maggie Imhoff 3m57s

Harvest of Love by Barrie Glover 2m32s

Damsels and Dragons by Barrie Glover 3m4s

Red Shift by Martin Addison 3m37s

Almost Every Day by Mark Allen 6m56s

Stefani Adami by Lorenzo Defrancesco 3m10s

Passage of Time by Barb Butler 1m38s

Mudstone Environment by Barrie Glover 3m36s

Top to Bottom by Barrie Glover 5m46s

Val d'Orcia by Barrie Glover 5m4s

The Land of the Long White Cloud by Mark Allen 4m16s

Around the World by Mark Allen 4m3s

Hinstock VE Day by Alastair Taylor 2m44s

Red Rocks by Barrie Glover 4m34s

Oreste Ferretti - Storie di Viaggi e di Umanita 5m23s

Machu Picchu by Barrie Glover 5m

The Stronghold by Martin Addison 3m39s

Joshua Tree National Park by Barrie Glover 7m15s

Blue and Yellow by Roger K Moore 3m26s