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Committee Letterbox

Audio Visual Committee

Chairman : Edgar Gibbs FRPS MPAGB AV-AFIAP

Edgar, is a retired Chartered Civil Engineer living in Cardiff. As a member of Gwynfa Camera Club, it was there that he saw his first Audio Visual presentation back in the early 1980s. He was taken with use of light, blending images together with a soundtrack usually telling a story.  Edgar has been a member of the RPS AV Group Committee for a number of years, the last five as Vice Chair. He was elected as Chair of the Group in October 2019. For over 30 years Edgar was the RPS Organiser of the South Wales RPS AV Group and in 2015 was Chairman of the National AV Championship (NAVC). Since 2016 he has twice been the Director of the biennial RPS International AV Festival(IAVF). He has already started work on the 2020 event, the third he will have organised.

Vice Chair: Alistair Taylor ARPS CPAGB/AV

Alastair is the editor of AV News. He started with AV back in the eighties in the days of two slide projectors. After a gap, he came back to the art when things had turned digital. He has enjoyed some competition success at various AV Festivals and enjoys sharing the world of AV with colleagues both established and new to the genre – hence his willingness to look after AV News. Alastair gained his LRPS and ARPS in AV and is a member of the Staffordshire AV Group. Alastair lives in Shropshire recently retired as the CEO of a professional engineering institution with much in common with the RPS in terms of membership and awards.

Secretary: Alan Tyrer ARPS DPAGB/AV

Alan lives in Cleethorpes and was a pharmacist in working life. He has had a lifelong interest in photography. He joined a local camera club a few years before retirement and got involved in local and regional amateur photographic organisations.

It was by accident that he discovered the fascination of Audio Visual sequences and he has since become involved more widely in the hobby.

He became Secretary of the RPS AV Group in 2015 and gained his ARPS and DPAGB/AV in recent years.

He is very impressed with the enthusiastic, friendly and supporting nature of everyone in the National and International AV scene and hopes that he can encourage others to share in this great photographic interest.

Treasurer: Keith Watson LRPS CPAGB-AV

Keith started to make AV’s seriously in 2011 although he has been involved in photography since his childhood. He joined the society 4-years ago and achieved his Licentiate in multimedia in 2017 and is now working to apply for an Associate. Keith accepted the role of Treasurer in 2019 and feels delighted to be on the AV group committee.

He works full-time within sales for the ornamental aquatic industry and spends his working day visiting garden centres and aquarium shops.

Committee Member: Howard Bagshaw ARPS MPAGB

Howard started his photography in his teens, but only started making AVs seriously when he retired from a career in education in 2006. He has been a member of the Society since the 1990s gaining his LRPS in darkroom monochrome prints and his ARPS in Audio Visual. He was elected as vice-chairman in 2010 and as chairman in 2014, retiring in 2019. He continues to be vice-chair of the RPS Multimedia distinctions panel and chair of the National AV Championships, to be held next in 2021.

Committee Member: Andrew Gagg FRPS

An Art and Design graduate, Andrew first lectured in a School of Art, later designing for live theatre and subsequently for BBC TV as Production Designer for twenty years. A photographer since the age of ten, he was the founder of the still-flourishing AV group of the Worcestershire Camera Club. He also instituted both Worcester U3A Photography groups, teaching Creative Photography for nearly twenty years, while his AV group is a growing band of fiercely dedicated sequence-makers. Andrew is a PAGB lecturer and judge, focussing on AV nowadays of course. He is also Design Consultant for our AV News magazine.

Committee Member: Peter Warner ARPS

Peter started taking photography seriously when he started using slides in the teaching of geography and has spent his working life working in various roles in Education. His creative photography really started to shape up when he joined the Ashford (Kent) Camera Club in the late 80s and, since 1997, the Beacon Camera Club in Malvern. Peter likes taking a full range of photographic styles and gained his LRPS and ARPS in Visual Art and an ARPS in Multi-Media.  Peter is a PAGB lecturer and judge leads the Beacon AV Group in Malvern.

Committee Member: Martin Addison FRPS

Martin has been an enthusiastic photographer for over fifty years, starting in colour slides and monochrome prints, then colour prints and now digital images. He achieved his ARPS in 1992 with colour slides and his FRPS in 1994 with Cibachrome colour prints and sits on the LRPS assessment panel. He has been lecturing since 1979 in slides, prints, and audio-visual as well as running creative photography workshops and demonstrations.

Martin started making creative audio-visual sequences in 1977 using two slide projectors, moving on to four projectors and now of course he uses digital projection.

Webmaster: Sheila Haycox ARPS MPAGB-AV EFIAP

Sheila lives in Exeter and  started her photography with slides in 1986,  and joined Exmouth Photo Group where she was Secretary for 18 years, Chairman for 3 and now the webmaster.  She joined the RPS in 2010 and gained her ARPS in both prints and audio visual. 

A keen photographer who enjoys all genres of photography and her main enjoyment is giving presentations with her prints and audio visuals to clubs and Associations far and wide.  Sheila has also had many years of judging experience.   At present Sheila has immersed herself into the Audio Visual World as she feels this is making the best use of all her photographs and a way of telling stories.

Sheila's Portfolio