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25th RPS International AV Festival 2023

25th RPS International Audio Visual Festival

RPS 25th International Audio Visual Festival 30th September - 1st October 2023

Attending the Festival at RPS House

Booking is now open for the Festival at RPS House.  Costs, lunch and other informations can be viewed on the Events Booking Page.

Now Closed for booking on line to attend and book lunches.   However tickets will be available at the door to attend only,  lunches cannot be provided.

Attending the Festival Via Zoom

As well as being a face to face event it will also be streamed live via Zoom Webinar to enable those of you who are unable to attend in person to view the proceedings. 

Now closed for Zoom Bookings

A webinar is a view-only platform where the attendees cannot see each other and the host cannot see, but can manage, the attendees.


Below are the results and catalogue of the 24th IAVF Festival.

For Archives of all Festivals please click here

The RPS International Audio Visual Festival (IAVF) is held bi-annually and the 24th IAVF was to be held September 2020 unfortunately due to Covid-19 the Committee have decided to postpone the event until 2021.  Instead a Retrospective Festival was held over Zoom Conferencing.

All archival Programmes, Results, Festival News and General Archives can be viewed on the IAVF Archives page, please click here.

2021 Letterhead 5

RPS IAVF 2021 Official Catalogue

Robert Albright, President of the RPS presenting the Grand Prix Trophy to Richard Brown for his sequence In Search of Christina,  the winner of the 23rd IAVF.