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Audio Visual International AV Festival

RPS International Audio Visual Festival (IAVF)

The RPS International Audio Visual Festival (IAVF) is held bi-annually and the 24th IAVF was to be held September 2020 unfortunately due to Covid-19 the Committee have decided to postpone the event until 2021.   Below the full story from Edgar Gibbs, Festival Director.

Firstly I hope you are keeping safe and well in these difficult times. As Festival Director, I have been giving considerable thought to the current situation. As you may know the RPS House and Gallery in Bristol has been closed to the public. Although staff remain contactable by email and telephone, some staff have been furloughed and there are no face to face events taking place.

With regard to the future of the 2020 RPS International AV Festival I have 3 options. The first being to continue to go ahead with the Festival and to await developments and Government advice as to whether it will be allowed to take place. One of the risks of going ahead would be that there would low numbers attending, especially with the majority of the “regulars“ being in the “vulnerable“ age group, in terms of Covid-19. With lower numbers attending there would be financial consequences, with the potential to make quite a loss. Additionally, it would not be the event we know and love.

The second option is to judge the Festival remotely and show the winners at low key events, at some time in the future in the UK. Unfortunately, it is difficult to say when these could take place. This would also mean that the event would cease to be a Festival and just be a competition. 

The third option is to postpone the event until 2021. For me the Festival is as much a social event, as it is about the competition, whether it’s catching up with AV friends, exchanging views or information. To win the Royal Photographic Society’s most prestigious AV Festival is really special (not that I have personal experience) and being there makes it extra special. Seeing your work on the big screen and with fabulous sound is very special too. Lots of specials I know, but that’s what makes the Festival special!

I have discussed these options with both the Festival Team and the RPS AV Group Committee and the conclusion is that we postpone the event until next year. This is disappointing but in these difficult times we believe it is the best option. I am sorry to have to make this announcement and sincerely hope you all understand the decision, which was not taken lightly.

Lastly please take care, keep safe and well, as I hope to see you all in 2021.

Yours sincerely and on behalf of all those involved,

Festival Director


Robert Albright, President of the RPS presenting the Grand Prix Trophy to Richard Brown for his sequence In Search of Christina,  the winner of the 23rd IAVF.

IAVF Grand Prix winners from the year 1976 please click here

Audio Visual Group has an archive of past results and information on these events.   Please click on any of the links listed in the boxes below. 

CREDIT: Sheila Haycox ARPS

IAVF Archive Results

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CREDIT: Sheila Haycox ARPS

IAVF Archive Videos

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CREDIT: Sheila Haycox ARPS

IAVF Archive Information

Please click on any of the following documents for more information.

Reflections of the Festival Director after the 22nd Event 2016

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2016 Catalogue

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