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IAVF Archives

Archival of Programmes, Results, Festival News and General Archives
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Archive of Programmes and Results

For past results and programmes on the Internationals please click on any of the following.  Please note some of the Internationals do not have both the programmes and results and it hoped that they will be forthcoming in the near future.

List of Grand Prix Winners from 1976 onwards 

5th   International 1982 Programme   
6th   International 1984 Programme and Results 
7th   International 1986 Programme and Results
8th   International 1988 Programme 
9th   International 1990 Programme
10th International 1992 Programme and Results
11th International 1994 Results
12th International 1996 Programme and Results
13th International 1998 Programme and Results
14th International 2000 Programme and Results
15th International 2002 Results
16th International 2004 Results
17th International 2006 Results
18th International 2008 Programme and Results
19th International 2010 Programme and Results
20th International 2012 Results
21st International 2014 Results
22nd International 2016 Programme and Results
23rd International 2018 Programme and Results 

CREDIT: Sheila Haycox ARPS

IAVF Archive General

Reflections of the Festival Director after the 22nd Event 2016

Click here for more photos of the 2016 IAVF weekend taken by Malcolm Imhoff

Please click  below to view RPS IAVF Advert 2018 video

Please click below to see video of the 2016 IAVF Introductory Sequence by Martin Fry

Please click  below for highlights of the 2016 IAVF weekend by Howard Bagshaw